Another they are singled out people say “ay bah zero meat here ay” – EGRSM

Another they are singled out people say “ay bah zero meat here ay”

Another they are singled out people say “ay bah zero meat here ay”

It take a trip in group seeking to “roll cunts because of their tn’s buh”

  • Example: hi your eshays are not chill you wanker

An eshay is a failed abortion one usually disappoints the mothers by putting on dumb fucking fanny bags looking to fold on their twelvie family unit members about precisely how it rolling that child in a team of five.

It travel in-group trying to “move cunts because of their tn’s buh”

  • Example: Mum end conquering myself delight Unwell matchocean promo kodu enable you to get specific Tn’s when the your end beating me now!

an eshay comes with trackies scrunched to help you their mid calf, dressed in an excellent lacoste cap and you will a pocket for the darts. he’s stigs but he covers them since ‘stigs try gay’ they are available which have good gaterbong but no cp (this is a puzzle in my opinion aswell babe). they cigarette smoking darts (cigarettes). and generally enjoys girlfriends but simply for 2-three days at the same time. are a genuine “eshay” you should be at least 14 years old. children from inside the year seven trying move an effective deliveroo man was not the ideal solution… eshay have a switch to their mid-chest, whenever pushed told you eshay tend to cam; “farrk owf kientttt”, “ya wish to rating staunched cuz aye”, “fucken oaf brah” for every single sold seperately ??

They traveling in group seeking “roll cunts due to their tn’s buh”

  • Example: hello maya

They traveling in group looking to “move cunts for their tn’s buh”

  • Example: Boy step 1: You Ok? Man 2: Eshay!

He or she is literal genitals cunts you to definitely beg homeless some one to own ciggys of course they go back home once punching several phat cones and you can smoking a beneficial ciggy their moms and dads absoulutely defeat them while they can smelling smoking to them

Eshay lads, commonly referred to as “eshays”, are younger teens (13-15) you to definitely think they are most useful someone to the planet earth. These types of animals, most commonly noticed inside train channels, hunting centers and you can areas, have become popular. These creatures travelling both by themselves (brand new “tough” ones), but are most often noticed in categories of dos-4. The main cause of so it travelling experience as eshays, you to their, are particularly poor. Eshays enjoys an extremely minimal number of dialogue to select from, such as the pursuing the: “buh” “ya canine cunt” “chuck you a ciggy crotch/buh” “unwell move ya twat/buh/g” “sick shank ya” “rubbish at the woolies/brand new park cunt” “fuck you upwards vagina” “unwell move you for your tns/dentro de tays buh/cunt/g” “im not too eetswa” “your will likely not feel so eetswa” “ill staunch ya crotch/buh” These are some situations of couple selections of discussion such creatures supply. Eshays also provide multiple points they enjoy participating in. Such points is stealing regarding Woolworths (Coles is not an option for eshays), moving “cunts” for their tns (a kind of Nike branded footwear), puffing, to make bongs out-of Gatorade package, consuming. Such factors cause bad causes college. Eshays together with wear many dresses. A keen eshays dresser generally speaking include a black bumbag, black colored sporting events trousers (oversized and you will sagging, usually nike), black and white striped Nike tees, black or white Nike hats otherwise branded caps (Ny including), Nike TN’s otherwise Airs (together with Yeezys, Michael Jordans). It is not known what is found in the bumbag, however it is are not speculated you to tobacco, deodorant, knives was stored in they. To summarize, this information of just what a keen eshay was means their products, clothing, identification and you can qualities.

They traveling in group trying “move cunts due to their tn’s buh”

  • Example: “I’ll move ya pussy, chuck all of us the TN’s ya puppy” “Fulfill during the park cunt” “Eeeshay buh!”

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